First Kill of Baleroc (10hc)!

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 April 2012 11:27 Written by HalonaZAT Monday, 16 April 2012 11:30

Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. Practicing the ‘ZAT’ approach to raiding, they regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

FBK - Firelands - Baleroc - 10hc

FBK - Firelands - Baleroc - 10hc

Proving that one new trophy per evening is not always enough, our team not only toppled Heroic Shannox for the first time tonight but then proceeded to do likewise to Heroic Baleroc as well. It’s all about shard-management baby!

Firelands - Loading Screen
Firelands - Map 1
Firelands - Map 2
Firelands - Map 3

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