First Kill of Tortos (10hc)!

Last Updated on Friday, 23 August 2013 07:14 Written by HalonaZAT Sunday, 18 August 2013 11:30

Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. They regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

FBK - Throne of Thunder - Tortos - 10hc

FBK - Throne of Thunder - Tortos - 10hc

Another heroic monster bites the dust at the hands of the Sunday evening “controlled chaos” wrecking crew. Well done!

Throne of Thunder - Loading Screen

Throne of Thunder - Map 01
Throne of Thunder - Map 02
Throne of Thunder - Map 03
Throne of Thunder - Map 04

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  1. Jawa   |  Friday, 30 August 2013 at 20:25

    Nice to see you guys are still getting shineys. I was afraid that that rouge broliant might end up cutting himself from holding the wrong end of a knife and causing extra work for the healers, it’s nice to see that those kevlar goves have come in handy.

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