Shadow of the Mad King

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500 years ago, a tyrannical Krytan king was slain by his own people, those who had suffered greatly during his reign of lunacy. It is said that this king’s body was chopped into pieces, and his spirit was banished to the Underworld, but that he can return to the mortal realm for just one day a year: on Halloween.

GW2 - Special Events - Halloween - Shadow of the Mad King

GW2 - Special Events - Halloween - Shadow of the Mad King

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Shadow of the Mad King is the Halloween event for players of Guild Wars 2 and it runs from the 22nd October to the 1st November, 2012. The event is staged in four acts that unlock over that period and with each event comes new activities for players to participate in and enjoy.

Act 1: ‘Tricks and Treats’ (22nd Oct.)
The event opens with this first act which sees Lion’s Arch redecorated for the annual Halloween celebration. Numerous games occur which players can freely join from costume brawls to food-fights. Portals open across the world spawning challenges and monsters and special “Candy Corn” growths erupt from the ground around the various lands.

Players can also learn the history of the Mad King via an engrossing ‘scavenger hunt’ resulting in a clever quest and a nice reward for those who complete it successfully.

Act 2: ‘The Shadow Falls’ (26th Oct.)
The dark portals scattered across the map now transport players to the Mad King’s realm itself. Dare you enter and take part in each of the events within?

Lunatic Inquisition – All is not well in the Mad King’s realm. His subjects are once again rising up against him. Do you join them or defend the king himself? Lunacy is contagious, so be wary. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the battle!

Reaper’s Rumble – In the Mad King’s pumpkin field arena, harvest your victory. Reap what you sow in this dangerous game of tactics and trickery. After all, it’s just not Halloween until somebody gets hit in the head with a pumpkin.

Mad King’s Clock Tower – Only the Mad King himself could imagine up such a devious jumping puzzle. You’ll need nerves of steel and steady feet to claim the treasure at the top of the Mad King’s tower.

Act 3: ‘Return of the Mad King’ (28th Oct.)
It’s not yet Halloween day, and yet, something is amiss. The Mad King is threatening to break through into the land of the living! If he gets out before Halloween day, he’ll undoubtedly begin a new reign of terror! Will you stop his deranged plans? Is it even possible?

Ascent to Madness – The beautiful lion statue in Lion’s Arch has shattered, and in its place, there is now a portal to the Mad King’s realm. Steel yourself if you decide to enter this nightmarish world of madness and mirth where heroes battle to keep the Mad King locked away and harmless.

Act 4: ‘The Mad King’s Revelry’ (31st Oct.)
We contained the Lunatic threat, and now, it’s time to party in our sassy new party hats! Once again, Mad King Thorn walks among mortals only on Halloween day, when he’s forced to behave… mostly. Gather in Lion’s Arch with your fellow players to celebrate Halloween. We’re going to have a fun-filled finale to the Mad King’s favorite holiday!

Shadow of the Mad King - World Fun

Shadow of the Mad King - Scavenger Hunt Reward

Realm of the Mad King - Event List

Realm of the Mad King - Lunatic Inquisition - Instructions

Realm of the Mad King - Lunatic Inquisition - Start

Realm of the Mad King - Lunatic Inquisition - Mad King Thorn

Realm of the Mad King - Lunatic Inquisition - Final Score

Realm of the Mad King - Reaper's Rumble - Loading Screen

Realm of the Mad King - Reaper's Rumble - Instructions

Realm of the Mad King - Mad King's Clock Tower - Lobby Area - 1

Realm of the Mad King - Mad King's Clock Tower - Lobby Area - 2

Realm of the Mad King - Mad King's Clock Tower - Lobby Area - 3

Realm of the Mad King - Mad King's Clock Tower - Video Intro

Realm of the Mad King - Mad King's Clock Tower - Loading Screen

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Zero Punctuation on Guild Wars 2

Last Updated on Wednesday, 7 November 2012 12:02 Written by HalonaZAT Tuesday, 25 September 2012 11:30

Zero Punctuation doesn’t traditionally like MMO-RPGs but nevertheless feels obliged to dip his toe into the waters from time-to-time. What he says here applies to ‘most any MMO of the modern era but the delivery is uniquely his and for that, it’s a refreshing take.

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Guild Wars 2 – One Week Summary

Last Updated on Sunday, 2 September 2012 05:15 Written by HalonaZAT Sunday, 2 September 2012 12:00

Guild Wars 2 is the long anticpated MMO sequel which is bigger and better than its progenitor in almost every way… and that’s official!

Arenanet's MMO Sequel: Guild Wars 2

Arenanet's MMO Sequel: Guild Wars 2

It’s been released for almost a week now, assuming you had access during the early-access period. Either way, this weekend gave many the chance to try the game out at length and the reactions are exceedingly positive. The game is described by a broad selection of good adjectives – it’s beautiful, inventive, expansive, absorbing and delightful.

The best advice so far seems to be “relax, forget about trying to acheive anything in game and just follow your nose.” Walk up a hill, you will be rewarded. Join in on an ‘event’ that you happen upon, you will be rewarded. Gather some plants you see on the way, you will be rewarded. It seems the game has understood that no matter what you do, being rewarded makes doing it okay. So there’s no need to grind on mobs or compete in an orienteering-styled quest-completion race. Just do anything you feel like doing and let yourself be led by your curiosity.

The game has a lot of hidden pleasures and it’s clearly a game made by a team in love with their work, by people that have spent great care to give every player joy when they embark on an adventure within their world.

For anyone wanting to join us in Guild Wars 2, you’ll find us on the “Gunnar’s Hold” (EU) server and we’ve already got an offical guild ‘chapter’ under the usual “Halona” guild name up and running so simply get in contact with us if you want to say hello. Look for Broliant, Vanhelgan or Miliamir if you need an invite.

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