Guild Wars 2 – One Week Summary

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Guild Wars 2 is the long anticpated MMO sequel which is bigger and better than its progenitor in almost every way… and that’s official!

Arenanet's MMO Sequel: Guild Wars 2

Arenanet's MMO Sequel: Guild Wars 2

It’s been released for almost a week now, assuming you had access during the early-access period. Either way, this weekend gave many the chance to try the game out at length and the reactions are exceedingly positive. The game is described by a broad selection of good adjectives – it’s beautiful, inventive, expansive, absorbing and delightful.

The best advice so far seems to be “relax, forget about trying to acheive anything in game and just follow your nose.” Walk up a hill, you will be rewarded. Join in on an ‘event’ that you happen upon, you will be rewarded. Gather some plants you see on the way, you will be rewarded. It seems the game has understood that no matter what you do, being rewarded makes doing it okay. So there’s no need to grind on mobs or compete in an orienteering-styled quest-completion race. Just do anything you feel like doing and let yourself be led by your curiosity.

The game has a lot of hidden pleasures and it’s clearly a game made by a team in love with their work, by people that have spent great care to give every player joy when they embark on an adventure within their world.

For anyone wanting to join us in Guild Wars 2, you’ll find us on the “Gunnar’s Hold” (EU) server and we’ve already got an offical guild ‘chapter’ under the usual “Halona” guild name up and running so simply get in contact with us if you want to say hello. Look for Broliant, Vanhelgan or Miliamir if you need an invite.

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