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“Welcome Back and Hello 2012!”

The new year 2012 has begun and Halona is raiding once again after our annual festive break. Top card on the menu remains the challenges of the Dragon Soul raid and we’re certainly pushing forwards to try and achieve more “FBKs” with the few encounters that remain.

The All-New LFR Tool

The All-New LFR Tool

“Until we do ZAT again!”

In other areas, the guild is evolving again. With the establishment of the “Looking for Raid” tool in-game, the ability to keep each encounter a secret puzzle that we only solve together has become much much harder and in order not to deny our members the benefits of using ‘LFR’ freely, we have been conducting our raids in a more conventional manner lately rather than strictly adhering to our ZAT mission. We still love ZAT immensely and plan to keep it a part of who we are but for now, standard raiding is likely to be the modus operandi for the remainder of Dragon Soul.

“Welcome to the Social!”

For the first time in living memory, Halona has made some internal changes to create a new guild rank named “Social Star” for those players wishing to join us on a purely social basis. We hope it’ll be a good way to keep in touch with our retired team members when they reach the end of their active raiding days as well as make a bunch of new friends who enjoy the other 75% of WoW that isn’t all about the 10-man progression efforts.

Players interested in joining us on a social basis need simply approach one of our many friendly officers (preferably while they’re not raiding!) for a quick chat and an invite, assuming you don’t come across as a psycho mentalist, a cushion fetishist, a nazi apologist or a fraudulent astrologist! After all, you ‘gotta’ have standards, right?!

Star Wars: The Old Republic from Bioware

Star Wars: The Old Republic from Bioware

“Hardcore, do you want TOR?”

Have you managed to try the new Star Wars MMO from Bioware yet? “Star Wars: The Old Republic” to give it its full title (aka: TOR or SWTOR for short) was released just before Christmas and has been proving to be something of a delight for those who have previously enjoyed Bioware’s earlier RPGs in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age lines.

A number of us have been enjoying SWTOR immensely over the Christmas and New Year period and we’ve finally got around to creating our own Halona guild within the game. You’ll find it on the Sith’ari server on the ‘Republic’ side of the factional divide. Get in contact if you fancy joining us over there by whispering any of the following: Broliant, Hetty, Lkjp, Olivia or Vardo. If you’ve access to our Mumble server, you’ll find us hiding in the new SWTOR channel “I’m in a cutscene, baby!” whilst playing.

Diablo III - Coming Soon?

Diablo III - Coming Soon?

“Hablo El-Diablo?!”

Reportedly, Blizzard’s forthcoming Diablo III is due to be released in early February 2012. (Alternatively: “When it’s ready!”) Some of us know the series’ previous chapters whilst others of us will be coming to the game with the fresh eyes of those who’ve since learned what fine games good Blizzard doth make.

It’s highly likely that we’ll find ourselves greatly stretched when the moment arrives and we have to start choosing how to spend our time. WoW, SWTOR, DIII… then of course there’s Mass Effect 3 not much further away, promising to conclude the galaxy spanning trilogy of Commander Shepherd. And Guild Wars 2. And MoP… Is it all getting to be just a little bit too much?!

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