First Kill of Atramedes (10n)!

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Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. Practicing the ‘ZAT’ approach to raiding, they regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

First Kill of Atramedes (10n)!

First Kill of Atramedes (10n)!

“There’s no gongs left!” The despairing cry echoed off the walls whilst the surviving members of the battle-ravaged team scrambled for a safer vantage. Nobody dared pause, even for a second, lest the monster overhead gain a fix on their position. That would be obliteration, instant and final.

“I see one” Van rasped, spotting an untouched gong toward the back of the cavernous room. His druidic running mate was two steps ahead of him. Two steps behind the inferno torched their footprints from the marble floors, seeking to catch them and erase all traces of their existence from this place.


The druid struck the remaining instrument in mid-stride before vectoring around on a path toward the other side of the room. There probably weren’t any gongs left over there either but there was no time now to consider the alternative. Van mirrored the druid’s turn and both strained every sinew and muscle, hoping to stay ahead of the torrent of flame belching down upon them.

The gong’s emission interrupted the fire’s intent for barely more than a second, a ball of molten destruction reducing the device to little more than ashes. It was enough however to give the pair the additional yard they needed to stay alive. “Do… whatever… you… can” Van gasped between breaths, fully out of options now but to run like he’d never run. Next to him the druid’s form melted and transformed, becoming a lithe and athletic panther. The druid roared, urging their fleeting stampede onward in defiance of a certain fate and both gained another yard on the incendiary torment following them.

No more words now, just run and run and run, no time to breath even, just one foot, then the other, then the first again. Keep going. Keep running. Survive.

The first notice that the creature above them had ceased its pursuit came with the cooling blast upon their faces. Air rushed to fill the void left where fire had burned away the very atmosphere through which it had passed. Van quickly surveyed the room and spotted Thorgarn some distance away. The dwarf had been quick to distract the attention of the beast from its previous targets and that was all the opportunity Van needed to rally the troops.

“Throw everything you’ve got!” he ordered and those members of the team still standing knew this was the moment their fate was decided. Either it would fall before them or their lives ended here. There was no time to consider their own fallen, to wonder if they lay merely unconscious or injured or worse. No time to ask if Xen or Jelly or Anguar or Finny would yet be recovered. The only thing they had time to do was fight.

Sal gave their target a taste of its own medicine, unleashing his incandescent attack and Amaly joined with him by adding her own sweet taste of revenge, a literal conflagration of flame to singe the very scales from the back of their foe. Kenjymin let forth a barrage of his arcane art, pushing every ounce of mental power he had outward and toward the now staggering form that loomed above them. Van and the druid concentrated only on keeping their comrades alive, healing where they could though both were close to succumbing from the effort it took, neither one of them willing to fail the other.

An otherworldly cry of moaning despair filled the hall and the monster raised high one last time, attempting to lift itself up away from the source of its torment. It couldn’t find the strength it needed now, its reserves had been depleted and as though at once its force was spent, the giant creature collapsed down on the ground causing the whole cavern to shake with a thunderous tremor. One last wheezing rattle signified the end of its short and tortured life.

It took several moments for the team to comprehend their survival and their triumph. Atramedes, the Blind Dragon, was no more. The team shared a look filled with relief and joy, before they looked for their fallen comrades. It was a relief to them all to find Xen, Jelly and Finny were all still breathing and now that the fight was over, Van was able to find enough remaining holy power to put them back on their feet. Only Anguar remained but despite their efforts, nobody could find where he lay. They scouted the full width and depth of the cavern to no avail, he was simply gone.

“Ssshhh! Listen!” Finny urged them to quiet and the team froze. Blood still pounded in  Kenjy’s ears from the adrenaline of the fight but he stilled his mind to calm his body, not sure what Finny may have heard. A faint dull thump sounded to his left and he turned his head to gaze upon the fallen form of Atramedes. “Over here!” he indicated and stepped closer to the back of the creature’s hind leg, continuing to listen. Another thump, a pause, then another. Kenjy gestured to the rest of the team who were just arriving at his location. “It’s coming from in there, help me lift the leg out of the way.”

Several of them stepped forward at once and manhandled the dead weight of the prone leg away from the body. As they pulled it away from the main body Amaly squeeled a delighted noise and pointed, their collective gaze followed her direction to land upon the missing hunter. He was looking right back up at them and he gestured toward his lower torso, trapped underneath the main body of the dragon. “A little help?” he asked of them, a vague smile forming on his lips as he spoke the words. The team let free with a peel of laughter that spoke of their relief to find Anguar was alive and safe.

“Aye, come on then ye lazy crew!” Van stepped forward and prepared himself to heave the creature upward. “Let’s get this slumbering sassenack out from under then we can go home and celebrate. I hear the special today is Dragon Steak monster cuts an’ I’ve got some special brew for y’all, that’ll put hairs on your chest. Even yours Amaly!” Another peel of laughter rang out and the rest of the team stepped forward, ready to help lift the corpse and free their hunter.

The druid punned like no other at the sight. “A hunter trapped. What bitter-sweet irony…”

Blackwing Descent - Atramedes - 10n - Action Shot 1

Blackwing Descent - Atramedes - 10n - Alternative Team Pose

Blackwing Descent - Loading ScreenBlackwing Descent - Map 1Blackwing Descent - Map 2

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First Kill of Maloriak (10n)!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 11:21 Written by HalonaZAT Wednesday, 9 February 2011 11:30

Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. Practicing the ‘ZAT’ approach to raiding, they regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

FBK - Blackwing Descent - Maloriak - 10n

FBK - Blackwing Descent - Maloriak - 10n

Cheap ‘muzak’ leaked from a floor-mounted speaker whilst the team descended slowly. A small thud marked the elevator’s arrival at its destination and the small band of fighters stepped across the gap onto a balcony that ringed a broiling pit of angry-looking lava. A few unspoken gestures pointed out moving figures that were tracking the path along the balcony and the team struck off together with the clear intention of determining whether those figures were friend or foe.

It was of little surprise when those figures revealed themselves to be distinctly ‘foe.’  However, apart from one humorous moment when the stalwart bear-form silhouette of Ullethese sailed off the platform’s edge after being punted backwards by some unexpected ability, the resistence encountered from these foes was remarkably light.

The first chamber the team encountered was occupied by a giant 20-foot tall rat-monster. In a world of dragons, the seasoned traveller will occasionally come across a champion bearing the revered title of ‘Dragon Slayer’. It is far less common however to encounter a champion with the less popular title of ‘Monster Rat Murderer’. We’re not saying such champions don’t exist you understand, merely that finding someone with useful experience on how to approach killing such an enemy is a great deal harder. The team were going to have to improvise.

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