First Kill of Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10n)!

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Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. Practicing the ‘ZAT’ approach to raiding, they regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

First Kill of Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10n)!

First Kill of Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10n)!

At the start of 2011, Halona began its first raiding session of the year and made good progress through Barradin Hold, Blackwing Descent and the Throne of the Four Winds. The session came to a close a little over a month ago and the team bid farewell to several members who each had a different path ahead of them. One was departing WoW entirely, another was heading off to experience the joy of fatherhood for the first time and several others were being kept overly busy on the work front.

The combination of these losses to the regular team meant a little recruitment was necessary, especially with the summer months approaching where attendances drop in direct proportion to the additional amount of glorious sunshine we get to enjoy. Thus, as Halona’s second raiding session of 2011 got underway this week, we had a number of new faces in our ranks to help us tackle the remaining content.

Sidenote: Since our new recruits will have had some experience of the existing content before joining us, we are naturally relaxing our adherence to the ZAT approach accordingly. It’ll pragmatically enable us to finish off the last few bosses available at this stage of the game and ready us for the forthcoming Firelands patch, numbered as patch 4.2.

In order to start with the maximum spring in our step, we elected to visit the Bastion of Twilight, an instance we have only visited previously to farm easy epics from the entrance trash before we actually began our first raid session of the year. Thus, we had little information available to us on how to tackle the instance’s first boss, Halfus Wyrmbreaker. One of our number had a few thoughts from an earlier guild but there were still some big holes in our information.

We began with mixed success, finding the challenge of keeping our two tanks alive to be the main struggle we needed to overcome. It quickly became clear what we needed to do otherwise, from the sequence used to kill the drakes and whelps to how we coped with each ability used against us.

After spending around 30 minutes trying various refinements, we finally struck gold. First we let one tank die… a strategy designed to save mana which was quite important because one of our three healers had disconnected; he had been disconnecting all night in fact. That meant there was only one tank left to carry the burden of keeping the mobs from killing our DPS. Well, not all the DPS because we found we could lose one or two of those as well. This then let the remaining two healers concentrate on just the one tank, themselves and a few of the remaining DPS. “It’s a sure thing right?!”; I can hear you saying that now!

No such luck. As the last few whelps were being killed, our remaining tank bought the farm as well. This left us with Halfus who had about one third of his health remaining, no tank, one healer too few and a couple of DPS sucking pavement. Oh dear.

After spinning around like Kylie in a pop video for a few moments, the boss inevitably ran up to our team’s rogue to find out where the tank went. When the rogue had no suitable answer other than “dee-pee-ess” (he’s probably one of those students from “Drack’s Rogue-Tanking Dojo”) Halfus seemed to agree that if this dagger-wielding nut-job wanted to attempt to tank, that was okay with him. The rogue’s health began dropping so the rogue burned a cooldown. It continued dropping so the rogue burned another cooldown. It fell all the way down until there was just a 2 percent left between upright defiance and pavement-licking submission. It… was… scary!

Then suddenly, the two remaining healers all agreed that this rogue had earned a donation of their mana in the form of a few free heals. Yes, we know it’s not the done thing to spend time on the DPS when those heals could oft be better used on really valuable players like tanks and, you know, healers. However, the longer this rogue remained alive, the longer Halfus wouldn’t start offering the tanking role around to the members of the intellect-boosting brigade instead.

Poof! The rogue was back at two-thirds health and from behind Halfus, another figure emerged. Silentie, “the DK with the fap-fap heart,” looked Halfus up-and-down, noted when the rogue’s last damage mitigating cooldown was about to expire and emitted a grossly violent taunt that spun old Wyrmbreaker around on the spot. And it turns out surprisingly that plate-armor, even the DPS kind, is a better damage mitigator than leather. It’s just not as sexy if you wear it down the pub.

In any case, that meant the rapidly rejuvenating rogue could switch from front-facing mutilates to full on execute mode backstabs (you should ask your friendly neighbourhood rogue sometime for an explanation of this important DPS boosting technique, it’s FASCINATING!) whilst Silentie took the old expertise-capping woes on his polished chestplate.

Halfus’ health continued to drop and just when it dipped under 5% for the first time in our company, our missing, presumed disconnected, healer suddenly made a vocal reappearance on Mumble. Noting all the players talking about what killed them, he assumed it was ‘game over man’ for us and began talking in terms of a wipe.

“Let’s not be premature about this…” Anguar interjected, using a voice stunningly reminiscent of Cary Grant back in the day. (Or that might simply be the haluncination of the recently battered!) “Halfus is going down, he’s dead already!” was his suave addition. (Words paraphrased for maximum ‘cool’ effect!)

It wasn’t quite true at the moment he said it but if you counted to twenty-five after he said it, it became as true as a biblical prophecy. So, either our trap-shooting hunter is capable of predicting the future or he’s just able to read the condition of the raid better than those who haven’t logged back into the server yet. Either way; Genius!

So it was ‘Game Over Wyrmbreaker’ and time to celebrate an FBK on our second night of the new raiding session. Screenshots got taken (click on the one above to see them all) and loot was distributed. One boss killed without the assistance of two tanks, one healer and a couple of DPS. Naturally, we haven’t faced this fight in hard-mode which is apparently where you kill the boss AND keep the whole team alive but our healers reckon they can up their mana-regen to the necessary levels within, say, the next six months. Game on!

Anyway, it was a cracking night of raiding fun which gave us all a nice boost from the achievement (oh yeah, the XP for the kill dinged the guild to level 19!) and offers a nice springboard into the other bosses of the Bastion of Twilight for the remainder of the week. It was also a nice way to welcome the various new faces to the guild, all of whom seem thus far to be both quality players and genuinely nice folk behind the mic. And that’s a perfect note on which to finish this report.

Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wyrmbreaker - 10n - Action 01

Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wyrmbreaker - 10n - Action 02

Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wyrmbreaker - 10n - World of Logs 01 - Plenty o' Deaths!

Bastion of Twilight - Loading ScreenBastion of Twilight - Map 1Bastion of Twilight - Map 2Bastion of Twilight - Map 3



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