First Kill of Protectors of the Endless (10ne)!

Last Updated on Sunday, 3 March 2013 04:00 Written by HalonaZAT Monday, 25 February 2013 11:30

Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. They regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

FBK - Terrace of Endless Spring - Protectors of the Endless - 10ne

FBK - Terrace of Endless Spring - Protectors of the Endless - 10ne

On our first proper visit to the Terrace of Endless Spring, we notched our first kill against its first encounter, the appropriately named ‘Protectors of the Endless’. Better still, we managed to achieve the so-called ‘elite’ version of the kill (hence the ’10ne’ shorthand in the post-title, it’s NOT a typo!) which is determined by the order in which one kills the bosses and which results in a higher 503 iLevel quality of loot dropping as a result.

It was a close-run thing mind, with the kill achieved at the very last gasp of survival before our team would transition across the technical border separating the opposing realms of survival and ‘wipe’. Hats off though to the old hands and the new hands that joined together for the first time in some cases this evening to make the raid work and for the fun which followed.

Halona happily has humongously high hopes of totally terrorising the terribly tricky terrace with wanton wicked willfullness. Word!

Terrace of Endless Spring - Loading Screen
Terrace of Endless Spring - Map 1

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