Iskyrim - Human Fury Warrior

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Iskyrim - Human Fury Warrior

Postby Iskyrim » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:23 pm

Halona Six-Question Application Form

QUESTION 1: Please provide your armory link (With your main spec gear equipped) and if available a recent world of logs report link.

ANSWER 1:> ... rim/simple
QUESTION 2: Our official raid days/hours are Sun/Mon/Wed from 21:00-23:30 server-time. With this is mind, what level of attendance do you expect to be able to commit to on an on-going basis? Please be as honest and realistic as you can.

Level of attendance around 99%. Maybe one missing Sunday every 6 weeks
QUESTION 3: It's really important that all members of the team have a working microphone and are willing to use it to talk with us during raids so that we can discuss observations and strategies. Do you have a working microphone and are you happy to use it to talk with us during raids?

Sure. I understand and talk English well enough for using all voice comm soft. I use mumble, ventrilo and TS
QUESTION 4: We value flexibility from our members. If a player is online during 'official raid hours' and the raid needs them, we expect that player to join, no excuses. Equally, because we need to recruit more than 10 players to be able to run 10-player raids on a regular basis, we expect players to be understanding and patient if they cannot get into a raid on a given evening due to over-subscription. Are you comfortable with these fairly common requirements that place the team's needs ahead of your own for the good of the guild as a whole?

ANSWER 4:>Sure. Team first above all. Also regarding loots.

QUESTION 5: Please list your past raiding experience, also please explain what you will do to be raid ready and what you think showing up on raids nights "raid prepared" consists of.

ANSWER 5:>Well I was a consistent raider before MoP and got HC 7/7 firelands, HC 8/8 DS and full ToT normal all pre-nerf. Atm I´m at 13/14 SoO because of lack of progression in my guild. I´m moving to Silvermoon to try a more populated realm and browsed all guilds and I was in love for Halona at first sight..( with all the respect ofc...)I always prepare my fights well Reading tacts from Icyveins and watching their movies from Midwinter and also Youtube fatboss guides and others. I bring a lot of flasks and potions for all classes ( I have almost all prof at 600 in may alts)and a bunch of treasure noodles cart to try to bribe the RL to give me all the loot...( joking ofc). Also prepared to wipe at least 100 times ( thats my, but I dont like to slack between wipes, or wiping because of lack of focus or something. Wipe is good, if we can progress in the next wipe.My rate of attendance and pontuality is very good. You can watch also my openraid profile and ratings.

QUESTION 6: Is there anything you would like to tell us or ask us about as part of your application? There's no requirement to answer this question if the answer is "no."

Well I am a mature player ( I hate the word "old"), with 39 years old, who loves this game and raid with good players, I´m open to all criticism ,and I think I learn fast. always open to help other guildies and provide mats and gear to help leveling. I think your guild profile suits me in perfection. At least put me on trial and you can boot me asap. ( Hope not...)
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Re: Iskyrim - Human Fury Warrior

Postby Sacratus » Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:56 pm

Hi Iskyrim,

Seeing your aplication and some sites. I want to offer you a trial in our core raiding team. I will add you to my friends list and whisper you in game. You are also free to whisper me or any officer for an invote.



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Re: Iskyrim - Human Fury Warrior

Postby Iskyrim » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:55 pm

Ty for the reply.
I will login in a few days, because I´m moving out and you know how bad it is......
I will contact you or another off and I´m glad to accept a trial
Ty and cya soon
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