First Kill of Nefarian (10n)!

Last Updated on Friday, 1 July 2011 11:27 Written by HalonaZAT Thursday, 30 June 2011 11:30

Halona is an Alliance PVE raiding guild on the Silvermoon-EU realm. Practicing the ‘ZAT’ approach to raiding, they regularly recount their newest ‘First Boss Kills’ or ‘FBKs’ through posts like these. Read on to find out which encounter has just been defeated…

First Kill of Nefarian (10n)!

First Kill of Nefarian (10n)!

Patch 4.2, known otherwise as the Firelands patch, was released this week bringing with it numerous subtle changes to the raiding landscape. All first tier Cataclysm raiding encounters were ‘nerfed’ to allow them to now be more easily ‘puggable’ by the general community whilst various classes received ‘balancing’ tweaks that will potentially shake-up some of the class-rankings on various performance charts.

New content has appeared in the form of a quest chain launched via the capital city boards as well as new raid and dungeon encounters. Then there’s the dungeon journal which brings guides to these encounters into the game for the first time. However, this author cannot comment further on any of these unfortunately since all in-game time since the patch’s release has been split between our guild’s raiding endeavours and ensuring our addons (we have four now) are properly updated for the patch. At it’s peak, we’ve been testing updates of Recount as they were released mid-raid and providing feedback to confirm that bug-fixes worked. (Since two of our addons depend upon Recount, it’s self-interest that motivates us to do this!)

As a result though, we cannot indicate at this time how the Dungeon Journal will affect our ZAT aspirations over time or report whether the quest chain is any good or not. That will have to come later.

What we can report on today though is our completion of the normal-mode, 10-player version of the Blackwing Descent raid instance. We cleared as far as Nefarian on the Wednesday evening and spent a short while learning the encounter, coming close on a couple of occasions.

Thursday evening therefore began with Nefarian and after a single wipe born out of clumsiness (it happens!) we managed to kill Neffy once again on our second attempt. We hope he’s getting the message because this whole business of having to rekill bosses that were previously beaten is tiring at best.

Aside: We had to kill Onyxia as part of the Nefarian fight but didn’t we sever her head and hang it from the Stormwind gates several years ago?

With Nefarian killed, we spent the rest of the evening in the Bastion of Twilight instance and managed our second ever kill of the council before arriving at Cho’gal. Having never attempted this encounter before, we had enough time for a single pull which we used to learn more about the encounter’s mechanics. We managed to get the boss down to 48% before losing the plot, not bad for our first effort.

No doubt we’ll be back to trouble Cho’gal further in our next raid but for the moment, we’ll leave you with the gallery of images above to enjoy. Congratulations all!

Blackwing Descent - Nefarian - 10n - Action 01

Blackwing Descent - Team Photo 01

Blackwing Descent - Team Photo 02

Blackwing Descent - Loading ScreenBlackwing Descent - Map 1Blackwing Descent - Map 2

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First Kill of Nefarian!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 02:43 Written by Broliant Sunday, 5 November 2006 11:30

The fifth of November is famous in the UK as the day Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the British Parliament but was captured before he could succeed. Today, people across Britain celebrate that non-event with outdoor parties, fireworks and huge bonfires.

In contrast, people all across Europe and beyond will in future be celebrating another reason to “remember, remember the fifth of November” as the members of Converge overcame all adversity to thoroughly and confidently kill Nefarian, the ultimate boss of Blackwing Lair on this night. Following an earlier success in the wilds of Ashenvale when Converge achieved its first outdoor boss kill of Taerar, this event was a joy to be a part of.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for:

First Kill of Nefarian!

First Kill of Nefarian!

The initial attempt failed shortly after the transition from phase one to phase two but the reason for the failure was fairly clear and easy to remedy. After sitting down for the prescribed re-spawn time, the second attempt was an example of controlled, orderly execution of the strategy selected and the fight went from beginning to end with hardly any unforeseen or unexpected drama. Each class call was handled well, all classes performed brilliantly and the end result was an extreme amount of audio distortion on the raid’s Ventrilo channel. Happy? You bet we were!

We can never get tired of saying this: Absolutely amazing play everyone and our utmost thanks to you all for being a part of this adventure with us. From the officers of Converge, we thank you sincerely and completely.

Next week on Converge-TV: “The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj”.

Blackwing Lair - Loading ScreenBlackwing Lair - Map 1Blackwing Lair - Map 2Blackwing Lair - Map 3Blackwing Lair - Map 4

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